Gift Aid

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As a charity, Buxted Symphony Orchestra is able to recover the tax paid by donors under the Gift Aid Scheme.

If you are a tax payer and you make (or in the last four years, have made) a financial contribution to the charity, whether by way of a donation or a membership subscription (which is treated as a donation) the Orchestra may reclaim the tax you will have paid on your gift. It is perhaps worth remembering that you do not necessarily have to be in work to pay income or capital gains tax.

In order for the charity to be able to reclaim the tax, it is necessary for you to have completed and returned a Gift Aid Declaration form to the Membership Secretary. This need be done only once and it will be retained by the Membership Secretary until such time as you cease to be a member or a donor. The form can be completed at any time and does not need to accompany any particular donation.

This form can be sent out prepopulated with the member’s / donor’s contact details, but for those whose details are not held by the Orchestra Committee, a copy of the Gift Aid Declaration form can be downloaded here.

Gift Aid Declaration Form