Joining procedure

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After you have contacted us, as a prospective member, you will be asked to attend a minimum of three practice sessions after which you can expect to be invited to join if both you - and we - feel that you will enjoy being a member. At that stage, and not before, you will be asked to pay a full subscription for the term.

Membership as a player - a ‘Player Member’ - reflects the fact that you have paid a subscription for the current term and are entitled to attend rehearsals (though see the guidance about the availability of space).

If for whatever reason you are unable to play in a given term, you remain a ‘Member’ on our books for a period of two years during which we will maintain contact with you as a member.

Being a Member (whether playing or otherwise) entitles you to vote at General Meetings.

We have other categories of membership. They consist largely of people who do not play regularly for us, or perhaps not at all - but who wish to be kept in touch with what we are doing. For more details click here.

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