What do I get as a member?

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We regularly monitor the 150 or so contacts whose details are held by one or other of us on the committee and we have categorised then into four basic types of 'membership status'.

The groups are:

•   Playing Members - These are people who have (or if they are attending rehearsals, should have) paid a subscription for the current term and are therefore entitled to play at rehearsals and (subject to agreement) in concerts . Those who are under 18 or are full time students are exempt from paying a subscription but are nevertheless treated as "playing members" . Those who have yet to be invited to join are treated as "playing members" though they will not be asked to pay a subscription until they have been formally invited. Young working adults who join will be invited to pay a reduced subscription if they are under the age of 25.

•   Members - These are people who have paid a subscription (or not as the case may be) at any time during the past 6 terms excluding the current term.

•   Occasional Player - These are people whom we contact (or indeed who contact us) from time to time and who may play with the orchestra - possibly on a commercial basis.

•   Supporters - These are people whom we have identified on our database who do not fall into any of the above categories, but who have expressed interest in the orchestra - perhaps as sponsors, occasional donors, past (or potential) audience members and so on.

We have chosen these categories in order to be able to communicate effectively and appropriately with everyone.

In accordance with general charity principles, everyone we have contact with, will be invited to attend an AGM but only Members (whether playing or other) will be entitled to vote.

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