The first table contains the details of works composed by composers with surnames beginning with the chosen initial letter the music for which is owned by the Orchestra. The dates shown indicate the occasions upon which the works have been performed.  For details of these concerts click the relevant date. When you have viewed the programme, use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

The second table contains the names of works by composers with the same initial letter, the music for which is not owned by the Orchestra but which have been performed at one time or another. For details of these concerts, again click the relevant date.

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Serial Composer Title 1st Perf 2nd Perf 3rd Perf 4th Perf 5th Perf 6th Perf 7th Perf
1440 Saint-Saëns Concerto for Cello  21/11/2009 22/11/2009
1450 Saint-Saëns Dance Macabre
1460 Saint-Saëns Symphony No 2 26/06/2011
1470 Schubert Ave Maria
1480 Schubert Moment Musicale 19/06/2005
1490 Schubert Overture in Italian Style 22/06/2019
1500 Schubert Symphony No 1 27/04/2013
1510 Schubert Symphony No 2 27/11/2011
1520 Schubert Symphony No 3
1530 Schubert Symphony No 6 21/06/2008 22/06/2008 28/06/2015
1540 Schubert Symphony No 8 Unfinished 04/07/1999 25/06/2006 18/11/2017
1550 Schumann 4 Horn Concert Stucke
1570 Schumann Symphony No 1 Spring
1580 Shostakovich Romance from the Gadfly – string quartet
1590 Sibelius Finlandia
1600 Sibelius Impromptu
1620 Stamitz Symphony in G (with horns)
1640 Strauss Overture Die Fledermaus 28/06/2015
1660 Strauss Thunder and Lightning Polka
1670 Suppé Banditen Streiche (Jolly Robbers)
1670 Suppé Banditen Streiche (Jolly Robbers)
Works performed for which music was hired or borrowed
  Composer Title of Work 1st Perf 2nd Perf 3rd Perf 4th Perf 5th Perf 6th Perf 7th Perf
9093 Sacchini Overture to Semiramide 23/06/1991
9094 Schubert Rosamunde (extr) 28/06/1988 12/05/1990 29/06/1997 04/07/1999 20/06/2004 25/11/2007 26/06/2016
9095 Schubert Symphony 5 29/06/1997
9096 Schumann Piano Concerto A minor 26/10/2019 23/11/2019
9097 Schumann Symphony 2 23/03/2014
9098 Seitz Concerto for cello 19/04/1986
9099 Sibelius Karelia Suite 20/03/2016
9100 Smetana Overture from Bartered Bride 05/07/1998
9101 Stamitz Symphony Rococo 28/06/1988
9102 Strauss Concerto for Horn 1 23/06/2018
9103 Strauss Pizzicato Polka for 8 cellos 13/05/1989
9104 Strauss Romance in G for cello 19/04/1986
9105 Sullivan Overture to Mikado 16/06/2002
9106 Suppé Overture Pique Dame 19/06/2005